Kingsman: The Secret Service – Church Scene

While Kingsman as a whole was a pretty tepid affair, I was pretty amused by this particular scene and felt like putting it up here. It contains significant spoilers for the plot of the movie, so keep that in mind before clicking “play”.

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5 Great Swedish Movies You May Have Missed

I know these kind of lists are getting old really fast, but I thought that by narrowing my scope to the cultural output of my own largely irrelevant little country I might find myself with something vaguely original. Despite being a puny little nation with a meager 9,6 million inhabitants we have produced some films that I think people might appreciate, but might not have heard of before now.

I’ll try to avoid wasting your time with movies that are wildly popular or widely known outside of Sweden and instead focus on relatively recent movies that didn’t really make a significant impact outside our borders. They are probably known to most swedes, however.

I’m starting off with two movies by the same director and comedy troupe, simply because they’re two of the greatest films ever made. I considered leaving one of them out, but I just couldn’t decide which of them to leave out, so I decided to just use both of them, despite the lack of variety that might cause.

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John Milton’s speech in The Devil’s Advocate

This is Al Pacino at his best. This kind of dramatic acting suits his style perfectly.

IMDb: The Devil’s Advocate

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Babylon 5: Song of the pak’ma’ra

From the very last episode of the fifth season (and the original series), Sleeping in Light.

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Oh by the way, I was being sarcastic

I just felt like posting one of my favourite Homer Simpsons moments.

Please don’t sue me.

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